The Provost of the College of Distance Education, Professor Isaac Galyuon has announced the College will soon introduce PhD programmes as part of its post graduate module of graduate education. Professor Galyuon said a committee will soon be inaugurated to oversee the restructuring of the college’s mandates to enable it run more programmes available on the regular module.

He explained that this initiative is important recognizing the urgent quest for many people to graduate education in the country but are unable because of work and distance.

He made the disclosure speaking to the media after holding a diner for the second batch of post graduate students of the college last Friday.

Professor Galyuon dismissed claims that accessing university education by the distant mode is not as effective as going through the regular model. According to him, the distant education programme run by the university of Cape Coast has the right human resource and logistics to train students effectively as those who enroll for the regular programme.

He noted that available record to the college indicates that students who graduate from the college of distant education perform competently and sometimes better than their colleagues from other sister institutions. This, he explained, puts the UCC College of Distance education in a position to expand its operations to afford individuals the opportunity of postgraduate education.


Sources: ATL FM News