Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana – University of Cape Coast (GRASAG – UCC) chapter was formed in the year 1993 with the vision to seek the academic, social and general welfare of its members. As the key stakeholder of School of Graduate Studies (SGS), GRASAG –UCC has continuously contributed in diverse ways towards the realization of the Schools vision of producing quality human resources through periodic organization of seminars, workshops symposia and academic and skill training conferences for its members. SGS in collaboration with GRASAG –UCC has since then produced and continues to produce quality, competent, creative and research –oriented graduate students in several disciplines who can deliver in all sectors of the national economy. Moreover, GRASAG –UCC is a member of national GRASAG which encompasses all public universities in the country. It is therefore worthy to mention that GRASAG started in University of Cape Coast in the year 1993. GRASAG UCC upholds national GRASAG vision of being PARTNERS IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH INNOVATIVE RESEARCH AND PRACTICE. As a result, GRASAG – UCC are the pacesetters in the establishment of a research fund, which has become worthy to emulate policy for all university in the country.

Vision statement

The vision of the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana is “To seek the academic, religious, social and general welfare of all students pursuing graduate studies at University of Cape Coast”.

 Mission statement

The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana is an association of choice in the University of Cape Coast. It is an equal opportunity association uniquely placed to ensure the general welfare of all students pursuing graduate studies in University of Cape Coast.

Core Objectives

The objectives of GRASAG – UCC shall be to:

  • Advocate the protection of the right and privileges of members as establishing in the statutes of University of Cape Coast.
  • Serve as the official mouthpiece of the entire graduate students of university of Cape Coast.
  • Coordinate with other students’ association, unions and professional bodies in matters of mutual interest.
  • Organize lectures, symposia, debates, forums and other activities deemed to be in the interest of members of GRASAG-UCC.

Core Values of GRASAG-UCC

  • Stewardship and integrity

GRASAG-UCC takes values in that we are representatives of the students who have chosen us through an electoral process. We will operate with the understanding that we must be good stewards of the responsibilities placed upon us by our peers, applying ethnical principles in every aspect of service.

  • Accountability

Our association was built with a system of checks and balances in order to ensure that no individual or branch shall fail to uphold its duties to the student body. We value a system that holds GRASAG executives accountable to their members and to each other.

  • Accessibility and Transparency

For the students to be fully heard and represented in appositive manner, actions of GRASAG-UCC should be communicated effectively to the campus community. GRASAG- UCC values due process, ensuring that students have ample opportunity to voice their agreement or disagreement and that SGS operates procedurally in a manner that is clear and fair to all.

  • Forward – Thinking

GRASAG – UCC must always be considering both current issues affecting students, but also trends that will impact the campus community in the future. It is a value to GRASAG –UCC that its senators and executives will maintain, and have the ability to meet the daily needs of graduate students while also planning for future events, both expected and unexpected.

  • Effectiveness

With a multitude of student concerns and obligations that come to GRASAG –UCC. It is easy to be overwhelmed. It is important for GRASAG –UCC to strive to be effective in its proceedings, understanding the need to be efficient, productive, and effective in every way.

  • Channel for Student Voice

As a Student Association, it is our purpose to ensure that student voices are represented to faculty. Staff, administration, Graduate Board and the nation at large. We value our place in our university structure and it is our duty to ensure that our portion of shared university governance is upheld.

  • Having a Winning Attitude

GRASAG –UCC does not value ‘’winning,’’ but simply the attitude that is conducive to achieving goals: encouraging, hopeful, professional, and courageous. With an ambitions vision, mission, and set of goals, it is only natural that our senators and executives carry this attitude throughout their term of service.

  • Pride in Alma Mater

Successful university communities give students reason for pride in the school they attend. GRASAG-UCC wishes to support efforts that will make GRASAG – UCC a place of student pride – a place where students feel at home and would like to come back when duty calls.

  • Inclusive Excellence

Our purpose as a Student Association is to represent all students that attend the University of Cape Coast to pursue postgraduate GRASAG – UCC strives to include all student voices including traditionally marginalized groups by embracing legislative action which furthers everyone’s interests as a postgraduate student at the University of Cape Coast. Through effective education and proactive polices, GRASAG – UCC is determined to build a welcoming community for all postgraduate students.