GRASAG-UCC shall compose three (3) organs:

  1. The General Assembly (G.A.)
  2. The Senate
  3. The Executive Council


  2. Composition of GA
  3. The General Assembly shall comprise all full members of GRASAG-UCC, the highest decision-making body of GRASAG-UCC and shall meet at least once every semester.
  4. Quorum for GA shall be
  5. At least one tenth (1/10) of the total membership of GRASAG-UCC.
  6. The Presient or Vice Presdent, and any other two Council members.
  • The Chief Justice or a member of the Judical Committee appointed by the Chief Justice.
  1. Notwithstanding I above, there shall be a separate GA for each student group (i.e. Regualr, Sandwich and Distance Education Students).
  2. Association and honorary members shall be observers at GA meetings.
  3. Functions of the General Assembly (GA)

The GA shall:

  1. Be the highest decision making body of GRASAG-UCC and shall decide on all issues concerning GRASAG-UCC.
  2. Approve the annual budget of GRASAG-UCC.
  3. Scrutinize and approve all projects and programmes undertaken by GRASAG-UCC.


  1. The senate
  2. Composition of the Senate
  3. The senate Chairperson, who shall be elected from among senators o the previous academic year, on their last sitting. The elected Chairperson shall preside over Senate for the succeeding academic year.
  4. The outgoing Senate chairperson shall preside over the election of the succeeding Senate Chairperson on their last sitting.
  5. One first year student representative from each progrmme under the school of Graduate studies of University of Cape Coast, elected or appointed by the respective members of the programme.
  6. All second year senators.


  1. The Executive Council.
  2. The Chief Justice, who shall preside over Senate meeting in the absence of the substantives Senate Chairperson.
  3. Functions of the Senate
  4. Enact all necessary laws or by-laws to govern GRASAG-UCC.
  5. Scrutinize all financial statement(s) or budget (s) prepared by council at least seven working days prior to its approval at General Assembly.
  6. Have a representative in the Electoral Commission.
  7. Have the mandate to assign additional duty/duties to any Council member.
  8. Call for the appropriate action(s) to be taken against any Executive officer who misappropriate funds of GRASAG-UCC.
  9. Have power to suspend or expel any member of Senate who misconducts himself or herself; such members(s) shall have rights of appeal to the Judicial Committee.
  10. Approve or reject nominees from Council.
  11. Convene during Sandwich Senators shall represent their members from programmes that are run during Sandwich period.
  12. Elect a Senate Secretary from amongst the members at its first meeting who shall,


  1. Take and read minute of proceedings at Senate meetings.
  2. Keep all documents of Senate meetings.
  3. Be responsible for all correspondence on behalf of the Senate.
  4. Form a quorum comprising.
  5. Three Council Members (the President or Vice President and any other two members of the Executive Council)
  6. The chief Justice
  7. Thirty per cent(30%) of Senators in the event of an emergency meeting.
  8. Call an emergency meeting to be convene provided there are at least ten(10) Senators who wish to do so. It must be put into writing (addressed to the Sente Secretary) and signed by the ten members provided that the agendum or agenda is stated. Any appropriate document may be attached and delivered to the Senate Secretary. Any such meeting shall be summoned by the Senate Chairperson in consultation with either the president or the Vice President of the GRASAG-UCC.
  9. Convey information to and from members of their constituencies
  10. Meet at least twice every semester and deliberate on all issues concerning GRASAG-UCC; the Senate Chairperson in consultation with Council shall summon and chair all Senate meetings.
  11. The council

I composition of the council

  1. There shall be an Executive Council hereinafter referred to as Council, composed of seven (7) elected officers, to wit, president, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasure, Organizer and Women’s Commissioners.
  2. The Council of GRASAG-UCC, shall have power to issue executive instrument.
  3. The council of GRASAG-UCC, in times of emergency (where the life of any member is in danger) shall have power to act promptly without prejudice to any provision(s) in this constitution.
  4. The Council shall assume emergency powers appropriate to contain the emergency situation provided that the local Senate shall be informed through writing within 72 hours after.
  5. The president shall summon all Council meetings. Notwithstanding, any member who wishes to convene a council meeting shall do so in consultation with the president.
  6. Four (4) members shall form a quorum for council meetings
  7. In the event of the death, resignation or removal of a Council member from office, Council shall notify the EC on the vacant position where forth an electoral college shall be formed by Senate to vote for candidate who shall apply for the vacancy/vacancies. The elections shall be held within twenty(20) work days.
  8. Notwithstanding g above, in the event of the death, resignation or removal from office of the President, the Vice President shall assume the position of the President.
  9. Council shall have power to create committees (mandatory, sub or ad-hoc) to deal with any matter in pursuance of the aims and objectives of GRASAG-UCC. The Council shall also have the power to co-opt students from outside the Council or Senate to serve on such committees and/or any University standing committee or where necessary.
  10. All Council members shall in each semester declare their status as stdents by presenting a copy of their registration forms to the Chief Justice.
  11. All council members shall swear the oath of office before the assumption of office.


  1. Functions of Council members
  2. The President shall:
  3. Be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the GRASAG-UCC
  4. Call for Council meetings.
  • Be the Chairperson of Council and the General Assembly.
  1. Have the chief responsibility for the implementation of all decisions taken at any of the meetings.
  2. Vote to break a tie at Council and General Assembly meetings.
  3. Be the representative of GRASAG-UCC and negotiate on behalf of GRASAG-UCC and relay the outcome to members of GRASAG-UCC.
  • Authorize all expenditures of GRASAG-UCC, approved by Council, Senate and/or General Assembly.
  • Be a mandatory signatory to GRASAG-UCC account.
  1. Perform additional duties as may be assigned him/her by the Geneal Assembly, Senate and/or Council.
  2. Shall swear the Presidential oath of office before assumption of office.