On Thursday, 22nd July 2021, GRASAG-UCC, held its first symposium on quantitative and qualitative research in auditorium 900 of the University of Cape Coast for the second semester.

In attendance were Dr. Lebbeuse Asamani of the Department of Psychology, UCC, and Dr. Mrs. Karen Abekah Arthur from the School of Bussiness, UCC. Dr. Lebbeuse, who gave an elaborate lecture on the quantitative approach to research, encouraged Graduate students to view and consider research with a very positive mentality and not to see it as an albatross hanging around their necks.

The next presenter was Dr. Mrs. Karen Abekah Arthur. She presented a fully comprehensive guide to qualitative research methods. She took the time to allay the fears harboured by most students that qualitative research work is tedious and time-consuming. According to the well-read Researcher, Dr. Mrs. Karen, the whole work could be demanding but very fulfilling and exciting if done well.

The President for GRASAG-UCC, H.E Nana Yaw Eric Adjei, whiles addressing the participants present at the symposium, emphasized the willingness and commitment of the current executive council in seeing to it that postgraduate students of the University of Cape Coast finish their theses on time. ‘The Executive Council has introduced the Research Sentinel to support graduate students in their research work. We plead with members to make good use of this opportunity and come out with the best results in their research works,’ he added.

H.E Nana Yaw Eric Adjei further stressed on the need for all graduate members to fully participate in all Graduate programs in the University. He seized the moment to call on all members to rally strongly behind the Executive Council when necessary.

The chairman for the symposium, Professor Enu Kwesi expressed his profound gratitude to the Executive Council for organizing such enlightening program and also commended the speakers for such a comprehensive presentation.

Professor Enu Kwesi encouraged the members present to be well-grounded in their respective fields and disciplines in terms of research. According to him, most examiners are not much interested in the work the student produces as thesis but what the students leave with after the entire exercise.


The GRASAG-UCC Judicial Board is an organ of GRASAG-UCC and its purpose is to adjudicate matters of graduate students’ that need redress. The Judicial Board is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of this Constitution. The Judicial Board comprises the Chief Justice and six (6) other full members of GRASAG-UCC. In the year under review, the Judicial Board was headed by His Lordship Augustine Tankong.  Mr. Augustine Tankong is a Master of Commerce (M. Com) Procurement and Supply Chain Management graduate student. During the Chief Justice induction by the Dean of Graduate School.  His Lordship Tankong reiterated that his best foot during his tenure would be to spearhead reform and also conduct a review of the Constitution with the support of the Dean, Management, and Executives of GRASAG-UCC. According to Mr. Tankong, putting the reforms in place would clear doubts and uphold the integrity and trust of the Judicial Board.

Below are the Reforms undertaken by the Judicial Board.


Theme: Administering justice at the student front: the role of a student judge.

Areas Covered include

  • Judicial Process
  • Administration of justice
  • Judicial Principle and conduct
  • The source power and strength
  • Bench integrity
  • Justices, senators, and students relationship
  • Writing judgment

For the first time in Grasag UCC, IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Judicial Board by clause (1) and (2) of Article 15 the GRASAG-UCC Constitution,  Rules were made on the 23rd day of July 2021. These subsequently received approval from the senate.


The President, according to clause (1) (j) of Article 131 and Article 352 of the GRASAG-UCC Constitution constituted the Constitutional Review Committee (hereinafter known as the ‘Committee’) to review the constitutions by either amending, repealing, or inserting some provisions in the Constitution, to ensure synergy in governance and institutional administration of powers set up by the Constitution, to enhance the interest and welfare of GRASAG members. His Excellency the President, in His great wisdom, and conformance with the tenets of representative democracy; separation of powers; and the principles of checks and balances, constituted the 5-member committee in the following terms;

  • A member from the leadership of the Executive Council
  • A member from the leadership of the Senate
  • A member from the leadership of the Judiciary
  • A member from the General Assembly
  • A person with a legal background, preferably a law student


For the first time in Grasag UCC, A Constitutional Instrument mandated by the GRASAG-UCC Constitution. IN exercise of the powers conferred on the Electoral Commissioner by paragraph 3, clause 2 of Article 18 of the GRASAG-UCC Constitution, these Regulations were made on the 11th day of August 2021.


The GRASAG-UCC launch was marked with a Research Seminar on the Theme: Linking Research to Ministries and Industries, the Role of Postgraduate students. The speaker for Seminar was Prof. David Teye Doku, Deputy Director, Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy, University of Cape Coast.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Dora Francisca Edu-Buandoh who was the chairperson of the programme acknowledges the hard work of the GRASAG-UCC 2020/21 Executive Council and urges members of the association to make good use of the various capacity building programmes organised by their Executive Council. The President together with the Executive Council successfully launched the 2021 GRASAG-UCC Week Celebration. The event was held on Monday 16th August 2021 at Auditorium 900.

GRASAG-UCC Embarks on Donation Exercise as Part of Week Celebration

The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana University of Cape Coast Chapter (GRASAG-UCC) as part of its ’21 Week Celebration yesterday, 17th August 2021, donated assorted items to some selected Basic Schools within the Cape Coast Metropolis.

The Schools which include; Kwaprow M/A Junior High School, Church of Christ M/A JHS, Tantri, and St. Cyprian Basic School received items such as Sanitary Towels, Liquid soap, Veronica Buckets, Sanitary Pads among others.

President of GRASAG-UCC, Eric Adjei, who led the delegation to present the items alluded that, contribution to society is one of the main goals of Higher Education, as such, the association as part of its Kick Out Covid-19 Campaign which is a Social Outreach Programme decided to support the three basic schools with the teams. Management of the three schools expressed their delight at the gesture by GRASAG-UCC.

The 2021 GRASAG-UCC Week Celebration which commenced began with a Launch and Research Seminar on Monday, 16th August 2021 and will run till Sunday, 22nd August 2021 is under the theme, “Redefining Graduate Education through Academic, Social Belongingness & Entrepreneurial Orientation, Exhibition, and Donation to UCC Mosque, Theatre Night and a GRASAG for Christ Crusade.





The Hope-led administration (The Possible GRASAG Agenda) promised members of the Association Data Sims and delivered.

We are glad to announce to members that leadership has been able to procure these data sims from AirtelTigo and the sims are still being distributed at the GRASAG Office.

The Package includes;

▪️3 Gigabyte
▪️2000 mins for on-network calls
▪️30 mins to other networks
▪️Close User Group (Free calls to all members on the network.)
▪️50 SMS

(Monthly Auto-Renewal of this package is for
7 months Duration).

Members should do well to make good use of this project as it serves as an alternative source of internet connection. This project is partly thought out of the fact that some Postgraduate Students are outside campus for data collection and so this would serve as a source of internet connection for them to continue their research.



The leadership of GRASAG-UCC (2021) on Monday, 17th May 2021 launched the GRASAG Research Sentinel at the Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang Auditorium, University of Cape Coast. The initiative is in fulfillment of campaign promises made to the students’ populace during the electioneering year.

The team, which is aimed at helping students to finish their research work on time, is made up of Ph.D. students and one lecturer. The task of the team is to provide assistance and guidance to Graduate students doing their research work. According to the leadership of GRASAG-UCC, this will help reduce to the barest minimum if not completely eradicate, the problems Graduate students face during their research work.

The President, H.E Nana Yaw Eric Adjei, whiles addressing members present during the launch, made it clear that the members of the research Sentinel were meticulously selected from various faculties and schools in the University and are there to help all Graduate students.

The dignitaries who graced this occasion were the member of parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency, Hon. Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarko (Ragga), The Dean of Students(Professor Eugene Dartey), and the Dean of Graduate Studies (Professor Sarah Darkwaa).

The dignitaries present seized the opportunity to laud the Executive Council for such a novel initiative and advised students not to turn the Research Sentinel into a ‘Thesis making body.

The President, H.E Nana Yaw Eric Adjei, reiterated the claim that the team will also be in charge of organizing Faculty-Based tutorials or seminars on research and data analysis in the coming days. He added that the Research Sentinel has come to stay.

The President of GRASAG-UCC, H.E Nana Eric Adjei, ended his speech by admonishing all Graduate students to make the very best out of this Research Sentinel and come out with good theses at the end of their Graduate studies.


Attached to this is a document that contains all the details of each sentinel member.

GRASAG Sentinel Contacts-compressed