GRASAG-UCC Presents the Exciting Research Journey Webinar Series!


We are delighted to share that last semester, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Achire Adam, the Executive Council of GRASAG-UCC launched its first-ever Research Webinar Series, known as the “GRASAG UCC Research Journey”. This groundbreaking initiative consisted of weekly virtual events designed specifically to address the pressing research challenges faced by graduate students. We are thrilled to provide you with access to the insightful and resourceful recordings of each episode.


🔗 Episode 1: “Getting Started with Your Research” Catch the first episode of the GRASAG UCC Research Journey, where experts shared valuable insights and practical tips on how to find research gaps with confidence and clarity. 🎥 Watch now:



🔗 Episode 2: “Crafting a Stellar literature review” In the second episode, our esteemed speakers delved into the art of crafting an exceptional literature review. Gain valuable knowledge on how to structure your research effectively and refine the scope of your research. 🎥 Watch now: YouTube Link –



🔗 Episode 3: “Mastering Research Methodologies” Join us for the third episode, where we explore various research methodologies and equip you with the tools needed to choose the most appropriate approach for your study. Enhance your understanding of data collection techniques and ensure the robustness of your research design. 🎥 Watch now: YouTube Link –



 Episode 4: “Mastering Research Methodologies (cont..)” The fourth episode is a must-watch for all researchers grappling with research methodologies complexities. Our experts continued with unravelling the mysteries of choosing the right method for your research.  Watch now: YouTube Link –



🔗 Episode 5: “Choosing a method (Mixed Method)” Join us for the fifth episode, where we explore the critical role of choosing mixed methods approach in research projects. Discover proven strategies in using the mixed method approach to conduct comprehensive framework for your study. 🎥 Watch now: YouTube Link – 



 Episode 6: “Presenting Qualitative and quantitative results” In the sixth and final episode of this remarkable webinar series, we delve into presenting your research results and findings. The facilitators emphasized on statistical analysis, qualitative data interpretation, and data visualization, to derive meaningful insights from your research findings.  Watch now: YouTube Link –


We encourage you to watch, like, and share these insightful episodes with your fellow researchers. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives from GRASAG-UCC as we continue to foster a vibrant research community and support the academic growth of graduate students. Together, let’s embark on an enriching research journey that fuels innovation and contributes to the advancement of knowledge. Fore more information, kindly contact the PRO on 0557240094