GRASAG UCC on the 22nd of September 2022 organized a time with institutional review board at the main auditorium to facilitate interactions between its members and the IRB. The interaction also captured issues on grant application, StuFSO, and SGS.  Concerns were raised on how to get financial support as students and members were expounded on the fact that all students could apply for the Students’ Financial Support Scholarship and that you don’t have to wait for all your results before you can apply. Markedly, all students are entitled to one support, if you are on GNPC scholarship you will not be given the support from StuFSO. Some external grants that were highlighted included the GNPC Scholarships, Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for African students and CamFed Scholarships for females in Science related fields. Details were given on StuFSO address: office location is at E. Adow Obeng Central Adminstration, Block B, first floor, email address studentfinsupport@ucc.edu.gh and telephone-0362196791. The facilitator from the IRB spelt out that if students want quick response from the board on their clearance, they should follow their format, make sure their document is free from errors and grammatical mistakes, respond appropriately to the ethical issues related to their proposal study, and submit their proposals on time.

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