GRASAG UCC on the 1ST October 2022 organized a health walk, aerobics, skill training and exhibition to improve the health of members, skills of students and also provided an avenue for student entrepreneurs to display their products for sale. The health walk commenced around 6;30 am at the Sam Jonah Library Forecourt through the principal streets of the university to SRC hall and Superannuation Hall and back to the Valco Hall Trust Hall where the aerobics took place at the car park of the hall. The aerobics lasted for about one hour after which the kenkey party and socialization begun. The skills training also started around 11:30am where members were taught how to prepare Fruit Juice, sobolo and other local drinks. They were also taught how to make spring rolls, chips, samosa and other snacks. The other part of the skills training was also how to make a tie and dye cloth and t-shirts. Members expressed appreciation because these skills will cut down the expenses which they incur in purchasing these products. In attendance was the Local Nugs President of the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Famous Banini, other SRC and GRASAG aspirants and all the executive council members of the association. Indeed it was a day of joy as members exercised, learnt some skills for their everyday life and also had something to eat to replenish the lost energy.

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