On the 6th of December 2019, the Association with its able members went on a walk for members de-stress, exercise and socialise amid the semester’s examinations. The Health Walk was accompanied by brass band music, which made the students dance to melodious tunes as they exercise. At the end of the walk which started from the Sam Jonah Library (Science) to the University’s Sports Complex (Old Site), the students were taken through some aerobics and engaged in some indoor games including ‘Oware’, Ludo, Draft, and Cards.

Members dancing to the melodious tunes from the band and ‘banging’

Still on the walk………

Members taking through some aerobics

‘Oware’ being played by some students during the indoor games session

Still on the indoor games session – that was the winner of the the Ludo game for the day

Adelaide Osei-Tutu and her champions on the Card Game.

Some time with the camera man…. ONE BIG FAMILY