GRASAG UCC won the gold medal in Volleyball (men) and Badminton (men) at the 2019/2020 Inter Hall Sports Competition.
The Inter Hall Sports Competition is an annually organized event for students to distress and socialize. Due to its competitive nature the games attracted several students and lecturers to the Sports Complex (UCC) to witness and experience the fun. GRASAG UCC representing Valco Trust Graduate Hall has always been great contenders in the Games. After Several Challenging Games GRASAG UCC won Gold Medal in Volley (Men), beating Atlantic Hall Two Straight in the last game and Gold in Badminton (Men). GRASAG UCC in addition won 3 other Silver Medals in Volleyball (women), Netball (women) and Badminton (women).


The GRASAG Volley Ball Team (Women) in action.

GRASAG football team pre-photo before their match.

Elizabeth Alpha (Second year Graduate Student), in action for GRASAG.

GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!