GRASAG-UCC as part of it routine mandate of making campus friendly and less stressful for fresh students embarked on a Socialization our for its fresh Sandwich. The tour which among other things was to afford members interact, network, and build relationships with their colleagues.

The students visited the celebrated world slave castle at Elmina, the  Kakum National Park and Hans Cottage Botel.

In each of these tourists sites, the students did not only have fun, but had a lot to learn from.

The first point of call was the the Elmina Castle. At the Castle, it was visibly clear that most of the students were excited since that was the first time some of them were having a feel  of the magnificent historical edifice. The tour guide filled them in with all the information they needed to know about the castle importantly, regarding the castle’s role during the slave trade period. The students also asked questions to tame their curiosity. The tour to the castle was also gave the students to appreciate the cultural heritage of the people of Elmina as it coincided with the grand durbar of the Bakatue Festival.

A cross section of the students being taking through the Castle by a tour guide.

The happy faces of the students at Elmina Castle

A faction of the students having fun with ‘morale/jama’ at the entrance of the Castle


The next point of visit was Kakum National Park. This tourist site is one of the most popular rain forests in the country. The forest reserve has 7  level Canopy Walkway. The Adventure of walking on the Kakum Canopy was scary but fun.

Here, one of the student defies the fear and poses for the camera in style as she prepares to complete all 7 walkways.

Students entering the Kakum rain forest

Tired but happy of a student on the Canopy walk way


The final Site, Hans Cottage Botel had a natural lake that had 12 live Crocodiles. Some members had a boat ride on the lake and got educated on some interesting birds that breed on an Island on the lake.

Some students cruising on the Crocodile Pond at Hans Cottage Botel


The Executive Council enjoying some photo shoots at Hans Cottage Botel