All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. An expression usually taken for granted but when analysed critically, holds volumes of truth. As the academic calendar taxi to the end of the semester runway, the stress and frustration usually compound making campus life unbearable. In moment like this, what one will wish for is an avenue to distress.

As part of activities to ensure that members are fit and sound to sign the semester out in good health, the executive council of GRASAG-UCC earmarked Friday December 7, as a health and fitness walk day. The day which also marked the National Farmers day celebration was carefully chosen in order to have maximum participation by members.

The health walk started from the forecourt of the Sam Jonah Library  amidst brass band music through to the old site and then back to the Kwame Nkrumah hall where the real aerobics took place. In attendance was the dean of the School of Graduate Studies Prof. Ernest Okorley and the entire executive council of the Association. There were other sporting activities that climaxed the day’s event including a soccer match.

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Prof. Ernest Okorley participating in the health walk with all seriousness

GRASAG President Mr. George Sarfo takes turn to join in the aerobics

A section of the groups stretching out their muscles as aerobic instructors take them through the steps

The energetic fitness instructors took them through rigorous health exercise.

Some of the executive members doing their own thing as they bring the aerobics to an end.