It was all memorable and fun filled as UCC GRASAG held a socialisation tour for fresh Sandwich graduate students. The tour begun with students’ looking rather excited and eager for the experience. The event witnessed a heavy number of students participating thus making it interactive and more fun. The spots for the visits were the Kakum National Park, Hans Cottage and the Elmina Castle.

Below are excerpt of the tour captured in pictures.


The tourists having fun on the Kakum Canopy walk way.


Not even the height will scare them. Even though some could not go through the entire seven lane walkway, others defied the threats of fear and walked through all. Here, this gentleman shows his excitement after walking on all seven of them.


Some executives of GRASAG are also seen here showing their zeal. In front is the Women’s Commissioner, followed by the Secretary and the Vice President


The next stop was at the Hans Cottage. The fun is seeing here as the students cruise across the crocodile pond


It was Selfie time



The Students are ushered into the Elmina Castle


Inside one of the female Dungeons at the Elmina Castle, the students look on attentively as the tour guide feeds them with the history of the slave trade.


The tour guide leads the students to a different part of the Castle.


A section of the participants pose for the Camera.